Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads

Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads

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Always Keep Your Feet On the Go With Life Changing Footpads!!

Nothing better than a good foot rub after a long hard day, right? Forget your expensive foot spa now! These ultra - absorbent Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads are the only way to get a spa - quality  treatment in the comfort of your own home!  If you are ready to start paying attention to what’s happening in your insides as much as your outsides, then our new cleansing foot pads  may be the right thing for you, giving you an all - over  glow that starts from the ground up!

Find Out Our Happy Customer’s Topnotch Remarks Using Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads

Jessica, 42, is a busy mom and runs a small business, which makes it hard for her to find time taking care of herself including her feet. Yet finding this product has been such a relief for her after trying it for a couple of times! Now it’s her ultimate buddy!!

“ I’m absolutely a busy mom! I do errands and run a small family business and that has made me rely on my feet all the time. They were in pain constantly and no amount of ibuprofen or foot baths could help. But after one use of this stuff, my feet felt brand new! I have used them regularly and everything feels great! The pain is gone for good. 

Tyrone, age 28 suffered from plantar fasciitis and had tried everything  to relieve the foot pain but nothing worked except for this pad! It was the best choice he has ever made!

Common Causes of Foot Pain | Applied Biomechanics Bracing & Orthotics

“ I’ve tried all possible remedies including going to the chiropractor, massage therapy and more just to get rid of my plantar fasciitis but nothing worked until I got this stuff for myself. I put this in the morning and went about my day at work. After a few hours, I realized that my foot pain had diminished by about 80% and by the end of the day, the pain was completely gone! I’m very thankful that it stayed away ever since!

Take A Look At Mandy’s 4 Week Journey Using Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads

Week 1


I couldn’t walk because my feet were sore. I really had trouble walking, standing all day or even just sleeping  through the night could make it feel like my feet were on fire. Then I put this pad on, stuck each one onto my soles. The next morning there was less pain and soreness. I had more energy than normal!

Week 2 

After my second week of using this pad, I felt like the pain would be gone for good! I noticed that the pads had kept on drawing out toxins from my feet and the swelling has gone down incredibly, almost unnoticeable inflammation. My energy level is much higher that I can do my normal routine around the house!

Week 3

I could feel a full body detox, no more swelling and soreness at all! I certainly could not feel any pain in my feet or ankles and even in my entire body  when I got out of bed in the morning anymore!

Week 4

I have never felt so much better! This pad has done all the work to heal  my feet and get rid of any toxin build up in my system! I can run outdoors, stand all day and do whatever intense activity without my feet feeling tired and sore. 

What Are the Potent Ingredients That Make Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads an Effective Remedy For A Wide Range of Foot Problems?

Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads are a treatment that can help detoxify your body and improve circulation from the bottom of your feet. These are made from a special type of fabric infused with organic materials and essential oils  hat work together to help cleanse the body through the soles of your feet. This  easy - to - use pads  utilizes the concepts of aromatherapy and traditional Chinese medicine in an easy use format and acu - points  that may help support your body’s own natural capability from removing toxins through the usual channels such as sweat and urine. It draws out the toxin build up with its 48 active ingredients, effectively eliminating the risks of poisoning the body, damaging the brain, liver, central nervous system and other vital organs. These includes:

  • Kelp Extract - a compound derived from a typeof brown seaweed called kelp which is high in antioxidant properties. It has been used to treat  issues  like hair loss and skin conditions as well as problems  like arthritis and digestive problems. It aids you to lose weight by lowering the amount of fats in your body while it boosts your immunity so you’re less prone to getting sick.
    Seaweed Extract
  • Black Pepper - a common ingredient in detoxification diets. It’s a natural way to cleanse the body of impurities. Contains piperine, which helps neutralize the effects of toxins and stimulates digestive enzymes for better digestion.
    The World's Top Black Pepper Producing Countries - WorldAtlas
  • Horsetail Extract - takes in a powerful component which is silica, that helps your body eliminate heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and cadmium. It has anti-inflammatory properties which may help soothe irritated skin and reduce irritation caused by other ingredients.
    Horsetail Benefits | Natural Health Guide
Benefits Of Using
Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads

  • Effectively removes toxins from the lymphatic system  which is a network of vessels and nodes that carry fluids and cells through your body
  • Helps reduce cellulite build up 
  • Increases the energy levels 
  • Made of natural substances that are safe for the skin and body
  • Organically formulated to help you relax and relieve stress and recover from injury
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Prevents inflammation or infections
  • Enhances your quality of sleep
How To Use
  1. Clean and dry your feet thoroughly.
  2. Peel the protective backing
  3. Using the sticky side down, apply the pads at the center of your soles.
  4. Repeat this process with a second pad and the other foot.
  5. Leave for  6-8 hours, ideally overnight for every use.
  6. Gently take the pads off in the morning
  7. Wash your feet with soap and water and you’re good to go!
    Product Includes
    • 10/20/60 Pads x Biawily Cleansing Footpads