Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet
Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet

Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet

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Before we go into detail, let us show you our happy customers.

Jennifer Smith, New York - "After using Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet everyday. I Dropped 21 lbs In Just 2 Months and Lost 3 Dress Sizes without on diet and exercise. I Nearly Cried! and most importantly It taste really good without adding anything but sometimes I add honey (yeah...i still lose 21lbs lol) for a little extra jazz GET IT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED."

Another happy customer recorded her progress with Fit-Genie Pro™. To test out the weight loss tea, Miranda Watsons used Fit-Genie Pro™ everyday for 90 days.



After 7 days on the Herbal Slimming Tummy Pellet, I was in awe by how quick and dramatic the effects were. The appetite suppression was a welcomed side effect of the Fit-Genie Pro™.  I couldn’t believe it–I had lost 5 pounds of fat in my first week!


After 14 days of using Herbal Slimming Tummy Pellet I clearly had more energy and focus than ever before. I kid you not – I was even burning fat in my sleep. I lost 7 pounds of belly fat, and began to see my abs coming back. After just 14 days, I felt very confident that these two products were the real deal.


After 21 days, all my doubts were gone and I was officially a believer! I was down another 7 pounds. And I still have more bounce in my step. With Herbal Slimming Tummy Pellet my energy levels didn’t dip and were consistent throughout the day.


After the fourth week, my final results were incredible. Look at the new me! I lost an unbelievable 31 pounds since starting I started using these Slimming Pellet! Everyone is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using the Fit-Genie Pro™ in week 4, I lost an additional 11 pounds. 

Clinical using of the Fit-Genie Pro™ have uncovered that women who used Fit-Genie Pro™ were able to lose an average of 27 lbs in 1 month and with continued use keep the weight off.

Fit-Genie Pro™ formula has been scientifically proven to:

  • Burn fat as primary source of energy
  • Enhance energy and strength
  • Increase the speed of metabolism by 70%
  • Deliver nutrients to muscles at a faster rate
  • Boost Adipocytes production of Leptins by 130% which cuts your appetite down
  • Eliminate bad toxins that have built up over the years

We got the Key Ingredients in right formula which actually working for weight loss

A Research in 2019 found that people who consumed Fagara stayed fuller for longer as compared to those who did not. Fagara also has a significant effect on the hip to waist ratio. Fagara also stabilize blood sugar levels. Fagara and Artemisia Argyi Wool when consumed together can give your metabolism a great boost.

1. Fagara

Fagara is known for its health properties, especially as anti-inflammatory and gastric properties that assist the digestive system. It also has a thermogenic effect that helps activate the metabolism, making it a potent fat burner

2. Artemisia Argyi

This aromatic herb is contain small amounts of catechins, which are known for boosting metabolism by increasing the body temperature, which further leads to burning extra calories than your body normally does. 

People LOVE Fit-Genie Pro™

I've been using Fit-Genie Pro™ as my weight loss helper for months and I'm amazed at how I've been able to keep the weight off ! I haven't felt this healthy since my 20's!" – Hailey Calnan

“I have a hectic schedule and I don't have a lot of time to devote to workout routines. That's why I love Fit-Genie Pro™ Using just one per day helped me get my body where I really felt comfortable” – Gloria Walker


  • Direct Slimming - Uses nanotechnology to directly access fatty areas and cut down body fat by 5-10%.
  • Slim Figure - Targets the waist area, slimming it down for a sexy, hourglass figure.
  • Better Metabolism - Blocks the absorption of sugar, grease and starch, improving metabolism and curbing appetite.
  • Traditional Remedy - Long-used and long-proven, its herbal content was already in use for weight loss since the time of old civilizations.
  • Purely Organic - Uses purely organic ingredients like Fagara, Argyi Wool, Sun-dried Longan, and Sichuan peppercorns.
  • Safe to Use - Effective and safe for all skin types.


  • Ingredients: Fagara, Artemisia Argyi, Sun-dried Longan, Sichuan Peppercorns

  • Shelf Life: 2 years

How To Use

Product Includes

  • 15/30/60/90 Pcs x Fit-Genie Pro™ Herbal Slimming Waist Pellet